User-Centered Design

About me

While studying Graphic Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts, I found myself wondering why contemporary technologies didn’t get much coverage in the program, so I supplemented the course by spending far too many nights figuring out how to put the action in Actionscript.

After graduating I enrolled in the Media Technology Program at the University of Leiden to further my understanding of programming and how it can help design (and vice versa). Turning flowcharts and wireframes into working web applications has always been just as rewarding to me as creating beautiful visuals, because ultimately they share the same goal – crafting a positive user experience.

Mainly I do...


First, I analyse and address client issues. Present solutions and concepts. Persuade and motivate clients, colleagues and stakeholders.


Then, I gather requirements for storyboards and wireframes. Sketch, design and build prototypes. Collaborate with subject matter experts. And lay down the guidelines.


Finally I review, evaluate and study guidelines. Specify interaction in visual context. Pick... Choose... Design.

Could this be magic?-Barry Manilow-

  • Webapp interface

    For a big multinational with branches across the globe I made a 'starry sky' filled with the employees wishes.

    User journey sketch

    Idea and presentation for an in-store app. The sketch visualizes a user journey through the functions of the app.

    Icons and guidelines

    Since building software is a team sport, lots of time is spent in formulating ideas. And, laying down the ground rules.

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